Friday, May 3, 2013

Mother's days, Promote yourself

Promote your Grated Zazzle, Etsy, or children's book/ebook, cookbook in the comment section no RF numbers or stars.

Mother’s day

A card would be nice and maybe have my husband cook would be a good idea. Normally my husband and I get each other elaborate mother’s day and father’s day gifts. We are moving next month to our first home. So I don't anything big and expensive. My husband likes to cook on the weekend. I requested his homemade cake and his hummus. I found I really love his homemade hummus.

Gifts for my Children

I bought two zazzle mugs with my girls names on it. I was planning to buy these after the move. I have been wanting these for months but zazzle had a sale I couldn't pass up. Thankful list

God, husband and my girls, family, spiritualty, art, good friends offline and on, hugs.

My art

Moms Grow Love Posters
Moms Grow Love Posters by AbundanceLoveTrip
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Happy Mother's Day Card
Happy Mother's Day Card by AbundanceLoveTrip
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  1. Very lovely promos you have today! Thank you for including me. Can't believe Mother's Day is almost here already. I make my own hummus as well. It's yummy. How awesome that Zazzle featured some of your artwork! Kudos to you. Have fun getting ready for your big move!! :)

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