Monday, May 13, 2013

Creativity to improve other aspects in your life, Mother's day Nerdy Mom 2.0

Creativity to improve other aspects in your life Valerie

I read a saying posted on pinterest the other day while I was gathering quotes on gratitude doe inspiration. It said the “things you take for granted others are praying for.” I went around hugging my family. I wanted to make them feel my love for them. My gratitude. How can we feel creativity and being thankful.

1. Create fast art for yourself. It can be, sketching, knitting, digital, painting, sculpting. It doesn’t matter if you are any good. Art can be calming and also help jumpstart creativity with other aspects of your life such as business and family.

2. Don’t confuse agitation for entertainment. There are some shows I am happy to see because they are exciting with characters I care about. Even an action show or movie can be fun. I found some shows, movies and music though exciting bring me down and the adrenalin pumping plots mask poor writing. Does it waste your time? Is it fun? Do you feel bad after watching it? Do you feel it killed brain cells? Are you more argumentative after watching or listening.

3. Tell people you love them with meaning

4. Art can save you, go to museums or at least look at them online

5. Say thank you more often

My mother’s day was pretty good. I got amazing homemade cards from the kids My husband made homemade cake. I had a huge piece but there are leftovers, mmm cake. We kept mother's day small due to a move and father's day we'll be the same. One of my most popular pinterest boards is nerdy mom 2.o so I have been doing nerdy art.

I bought myself two pair of shoes today and now I have a total of two pairs of shoes. I might buy myself a pair of crocs without holes or a pair of sneakers and or chunky shoes with buckles but I don't see why I would need more than four for five pairs. I'd rather buy art or ebooks, books. Thankful List My husband, kids and the lord Art water Zazzle <> Promote your G rated zazzle, etsy or children's books, ebooks My New art

I made this I had been thinking of making a nerd mom super hero.

I had made this as a set of paper dolls for my youngest. I didn't like the skimpy dressed doll she wanted so I made this for her and she loved it. The others who write for this blog
My Dog Poster
My Dog Poster by loudesigns
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