Thursday, June 20, 2013

Having Fun With Summer Crafts and Featured Summertime Art

Hello Everyone and Happy Almost Summer! Here in the Pacific NW we're still having cooler than normal temps. I know that in the next several days however that things will probably start to warm up. Many of you are already having loads of hot weather and are probably looking for ways to keep the kiddies entertained now that school is out. I've gathered a few fun crafts that you can do with them and they shouldn't cost very much at all!

Coloring on Hot Rocks

I found the hot rocks coloring idea at the Eighteen25 Blog with their feature of this fun summer craft. Hop over and check it out! I don't know why I hadn't thought of this very simple and creative idea myself.

Googly Eyed Snake Creatures

If you're into recycling with your craft supplies, this Googly Eyes Snake Creatures project will definitely keep you and your kiddies entertained. There are lots of kiddie craft projects on the Eighteen25 blog so definitely check them out if you need inspiration.

And now, our featured summer fun artistic designs!

Beach Ball Bash Shirt
Beach Ball Bash Shirt by loudesigns
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Pansy Bouquet - Women's Shirt - White
Pansy Bouquet - Women's Shirt - White by Itayasdesigns
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Please join me in sending well wishes out to Val and her family (THE ZombieHousewife of this blog!) as they are moving to their new home. Enjoy your new home dear Val!

I hope you all have lots of fun plans for the summer and that the sun is not burning too hot so that you can get out and have fun! 



  1. One of mine is begging for a pet rock, and a bunch of real pets

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