Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cheap Summer Treats

heda ontbijt met krab plate
heda ontbijt met krab plate by loudesigns
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I am the resident cheap girl on this blog and this week I would like to tell you where and when to get your cheap summer treats. There are a few places and restaurants offering deals this summer, but do they all stack up to each? I love the dollar drinks at Taco Bell, but they are only available for that price from 2-5 pm each day. My favorite is the Ice Pink Lemonade is my favorite, but they have five or six different drinks to choose from. Mcdonalds and Burger King both have 50 cent soft serve cones this summer, after sampling the one at Burger King I must say they both taste pretty much the same. I don't actually frequent Mcdonalds, because the grease they use makes me ill and lets just leave it at that. The cone I received at Burger King appeared to be twice the size as the one on the mcdonald's adds and would be well worth a dollar or more. Taco Bell always has good deals and not just in the summertime, when I want a cheap meal that won't add too much to my bottom line. They have meals for 2.39, consist of a drink, your choice of four different tacos and a bag of chips. If you get the number three and a diet soda, it only has 450 calories. Treats at home are also great and good way to save money. We don't eat chips at home, we make popcorn with our Presto Maker and use coconut oil and sea salt to make it healthier. You can also make your own chips in the microwave, using a good slicer, spray oil and your own blend of spices. You place your sliced and sprayed chips on cooking parchment paper and cook them for 4 to 5 minutes or until slightly brown and crispy.
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I would love to hear about the cheap treats you enjoy with your family at home.


  1. We are eating less potato chips my husband makes them better.
    I need to get a microwave popcorn bowl. I make popcorn in a wok but its tricky.

  2. Great post! Thank you for featuring some of my artwork. :)

    I love using coconut oil to cook with and it is a much healthier alternative than some oils. I like eating Tahini butter with some celery sticks. This is a great snack for me and very satisfying. Doesn't take much and your need to munch is all satisfied.

  3. I love my popcorn maker it was less then $20 and well worth it. Makes much healthier popcorn.

  4. Thanks for letting me promote here. My children's eBook covers BELLYACHE and HEADACHE are up for the O.W.O.W. award. My sister is the cover artist! I'd love for you to vote.


  5. The fast food places around here are so dirty I don't even go there anymore. They could have cleaned them up by now but when I walked into them and they were so filthy I decided I wouldn't eat there again. I do eat out at the fast food places in the big city though when I get there about once a month.
    I have some food photos and digital art in my store


  6. oops I added my rf code sorry didn't notice that you didn't want them