Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weird but Cool Birthday Gifts 2

Weird but Cool Birthday Gifts

Not all weird gifts are bad sometimes they are educational, cool and just plain fun. One of my fondest memories was getting sea monkeys I had wanted for years for Christmas. One of my best birthday gifts was video games from my husband with the consol. (Okay that was more cool than weird.) They weren't singing or dancing but they were real sea creatures and that was amazing. I loved feeding them and seeing them swim in their little plastic tank.

What odd gifts do you like? What odd gifts did you think are just odd?

Gift ideas

1. Sea monkeys

2. Candy

3. (this shop has a lot of cool geeky items)

4. Gift basket from

5. Favorite old fashioned candy

My art

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  1. I always wanted sea monkeys too! Never got any though. I also wanted one of those kits that would grow crystals.

    Thank you for featuring one of my designs. Great to have you back. Love the 'My Pet Rock Died!' pin above. Very cute. :)