Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday, Art, Love

Black Friday
Are you going to any Black Friday Sales
I am not doing any Black Friday sales unless they are online. I don’t want to get up that early or stay up that late. The chances of me grabbing the sales are next to nothing. I don’t want to be in an overcrowded store. I feel I will save money by only doing the sales I know I can get.

Art and Play
1. I went on a nature walk today and picked up acorns for free art supplies. (For kids not for me)
2. Worked on the art for my next children’s ebook. The art needs to be black and white but one piece wasn’t dark enough.
3. I played on my wii today. A zombie mom needs a little fun today and I haven’t been playing as much as I should be.

I love
Being a wife and mother
I love having laughter
Being creative
Being a free zombie


  1. Remember always add your associate id to any links to your Zazzle pages and also to any other artist you link to. Gives you 15% referral for sales, which is totally a bonus! You can find out more on the associate tab in your account pages.

    And I don't blame you - I'm not doing black Friday shopping either. I went out a few days ago, got all my son's gifts. I'll buy my husband's online.. he's insane and wants to go out Friday for deals. I could care less. LOL.

  2. I think my husband is going to stay home with me and order online. We will shop on Saturday for a special cooking gift I am buying him hopefully Friday Madness will be over by then.

    Referrals rock :-) I love it when people refer my products. I feel it’s a win, win.