Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zazzle Tips, How to be a Monster Mom or zombie Housewife

Zazzle Tips for art sellers new or old.
Zazzle is a pod that allows people to put their art and words on products that people can buy. They only get printed when purchased because most works can be customized

Many people will tell you over and over again zazzle is not get rich quick scheme and you better believe it. It’s fun but it is work.

1. Don’t get discouraged while there are pro sellers who got money right of the bat give it at least a year or two.
2. You need to have enough products starting out. A shop should have at least 400 to 600 products with about 50 to 100 designs to start. This is so you have products for return customers. Why should a person come back to your shop when you only have 10 products?
3. You can always learn something. Every seller makes mistakes including me. I made some big ones like the blog panel on my store. The blog panel as well as music makes slower comps crash. People don’t like to refer stores and products that make computers crash.
4. What are your goals? My goal is to make gift money but also to help promote other artists.

How to be a Monster Mom, or zombie Housewife
So if you want to dress up as a zombie Housewife after Halloween this will tell you how?

My little one hugged me the other day and called me Monster Momma. Even zombie moms get hugs. Okay I went as a monster mom for Halloween. She’s still obsessed with the costume. The costume was simple. I had an old ripped skirt, a blouse, my husband’s apron and a wig from a local store. I did buy Halloween make up from a Halloween store but it was awful. I would have done better by getting real make up.

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