Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zombie Housewife vrs the stephord wives

I am not Stepford Wives zombie housewives are never caught into the perfectionism
We like to balance creativity and being practical savor are freedom once earned.
I am freed from my zombie master and have settled into domestic bliss even though I am not very good at the domestic part. I really do try. Today I made cookies with real butter.
It was a fun activity for my little girl and they taste good. Though my cookies will never be confused with Martha Stewarts and that’s okay. I like Martha by the way. Sometimes practical crafts has its place. I save my pretty with the childlike kawaii art I do. Because I do like being creative.
My sewing is only practical putting buttons and sewing holes. My stitches are awful but there done on the inside so no one sees them.
My educational crafts I make for my kids are also very practical but fun.

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