Friday, November 12, 2010

What is Free Speech

There is a lot of talk about Amazon pulling a book promoting child abuse from the kindle store. I am not putting the title of the book in my blog because I am not giving it any more publicity.
The book should be pulled and others like it.

I’ve heard some cry this is a free speech issue from people who don’t know what free speech is.
Free speech only has to do with government censorship.
Business censorship is not covered by Free speech. An online store is not legally obligated to carry products that will lose them sales.

I am an independent kawaii and abstract artist on Zazzle. Zazzle publishes my work. When people buy it zazzle prints my products sends them to the customer and I receive money. Zazzle sets the rules of what can be posted and how we rate our products and that is legal.

Free speech also does not remove consequences from happening.
Boycotts are actually an exercise in free speech. Though boycotts can actually give more publicity and sales.

There is some supposed protection of talking about your boss to coworkers but its rarely enforced and it’s a labor law not a free speech law.

Also Free speech is not covered if it violates the rights, privacy or safety of others
1. Yelling fire is not covered under free speech in a movie theater when there is no fire.
2. Free speech does not cover a nurse or doctor sharing medical records at a party.

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