Monday, December 31, 2012

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Crystal Marcos Writer of the children’s book Bellyache is hosting a contest on her blog winners get free copies of my abstract art.

There is also a free children's ebook offered by me with my childlike art. contest is on the bottem of the page. Please enter. :-) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free pr day

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Changing Up Goals Many people do the whole goal thing wrong. They get into this whole New Year goal thing that they always fail at.

1. Have goals you can actually accomplish in a day trying out one new food, or to go to an art gallery.

2. Instead of some bold goal like weight loss how about a little one like buying a new water bottle or water filter.

3. Don’t make goals of anything you don’t want to really do.

4. Have 30 day challenge. You can do anything for a month. If you only want to buy your clothes at salvation army do a month challenge. 5. Make note of what you are thankful for.

6. A lot of people are wrong about putting yourself first. Love the people around you either your family made, born or chosen. The truth is people can’t learn to love themselves unless they learn to love others first. That doesn’t mean being a doormat; it means doing to others the way you wish to be treated.

7. Bad things can happen to your goals and to you even if you do everything right. While sometimes bad things happen are own fault sometimes it’s not.

8. Just creating a vision board of what you want isn’t going to help you. Jim Carrey wasn’t successful because he put a fake check in his wallet. He also worked hard.

9. Is your need for success keeping you from a truly fulfilling life? Is your want of something only because someone else wants it.

10. Learn to say no. A lot of happiness books tell you to say yes to everything but no doesn’t have to be negative. If you want to do art or hang out with your family instead of going clubbing say no.

11. look for miracles in the everyday this world is world of wonder, a world of art.

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  1. Happy New Years Val to you and your lovely family!

    I like the idea of setting smaller goals for the year. Great idea. It keeps me from feeling so overwhelmed with my ultimate goal if I plot my course with smaller goals along the way. :)

    Thank you for the feature! Love your mug designs and the rest are awesome as always.

    Big New Years Hugs! :)

  2. Happy New Years! Hope your year will be awesome. Love your idea of a 30 day challenge.

    (also beautiful collection of your art here!)

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    Thanks so much for having such an awesome blog!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for posting about contest and feature here.

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  4. Happy New Year! Here's to a happy, healthy, successful 2013!

    Beautiful designs and photography in your post.

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  5. Happy New Year,
    Awesome blog, thank you for letting us put a link,

  6. I like the idea of setting one small goal you can do in a day...seems more attainable that way.

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  7. Thanks for the wonderful New Years thoughts. I love your last goal the best, and glad you didn't add just your top 10:
    -- #11. Look for miracles in the everyday. This world is world of wonder, a world of art.
    I will add my zazzle store - a little of this and that, with fun designs on all types of products and gifts. Many you can personalize.

  8. You know, that's the first list I've ever read where everything actually made good sense and seemed achievable! I especially like the 30 day challenge idea...they say it takes a month to create a habit and like you say, you can do anything for a month.

    I have a couple of Zazzle shops, and both of them are upbeat and fun. My older store is Fun Nature Photography ( and I just opened another over the Christmas holidays called Vintage Art Bazaar ( Thanks for the opportunity. I love your colorful designs!

  9. I hope the New Year brings many rewards.

    Id like to start with promoting my friends store of beautiful art work. Artists are never appreciated enough

  10. Thank you - what wonderful list you have here! I like the idea to look for every day miracles!

    Please visit my Jane Austen inspired store at

    and have a very Happy New Year!