Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Toys

Did you have a toy kitchen? At home or school? Where did you buy it. What was your fave Christmas Toy?

My husband picked up the toy kitchen while I was with the little ones. They made crafts and sang Christmas for residents at a retirement home. My husband told me it was huge box so I am sure it will be loved.
I didn’t chose the wood ones because some wood ones while the same price as my plastic one looked too flimsy. they'd be wrecked in a month. I’d also be in constant fear of lead paint. The heavier wood ones were either too pricey or two heavy looking.
I don’t think the toy food has arrived at the store yet.

I have mostly doing the repeating text stories from online but tonight I hope to buy a few used books. The books I wanted did not come in kindle.


lovely christmas card
Snowman Flight Control card
Snowman Flight Control by ClelandIllustration
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Such a sweet little angel

Well drawn

Cute, shop owner writes children's books

So cute :-)

classic Vintage

creepy and cute and cool


Classy snd sweet

So cute, love this

This is so cute

Cute trees tba winner

Very Cute


fairy shirt
fairy by nwalesdaz
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  1. Thanks so much Valerie... I'm glad you enjoy my Westie Zombie Dog art!

  2. Thank you Valerie for featuring my "Angel" Christmas ornament, glad you liked it :)