Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*AskaZombieHousewife Interviews 'Itaya'

AskaZombieHousewife interviews 'Itaya' of 'Itaya Designs',

She is my friend I’ve featured her before because I just think Itaya is an amazing talent.

*AskaZombieHousewife what is your favorite vegetable
- Hmmm...eat lots of veges but I think right now my favorite vege is Acorn Squash. Hope that is a vege because it is really good steamed and with a bit of butter and salt! :)

*AskaZombieHousewife when did you start doing art?
- I've always been very creative even as a kid. Would love learning new techniques and ways of creating something. I officially started painting in 1992 when I moved to WA state and had lots of creative time on my hands. I taught myself to paint by watching other artists and reading and following their techniques from books. Then moved on to the internet and started learning from artists there.

*AskaZombieHousewife Do you like cupcakes?
- Who doesn't like cupcakes??!! :) I love cupcakes and in a perfect world would live on nothing but yummy cupcakes!

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  1. Thank You for the feature!! Love your choices of which products and images to feature. :) You're awesome! :)

  2. How beautiful is the Harmony poster print - makes me feel calmer