Thursday, December 2, 2010

Soar, What Uplifts You, Teaching fun,

I needed being up-lifted today. I am sleepy and need energy from looking out a bounty. So I will look for uplifting art, and people.
I felt like a zombie a sleepy head today.
I was able to take a short nap as “Martha Stewart” would say that’s a “good thing.” I feel slowly being restored to my wacky homemaking self. You might be shocked but I like Martha. I could never do have the elegant things she does but I believe domestic arts for both sexes is important.

What Uplifts you
For me its
Spending time with my Husband and hugs from my little ones
Kawaii art
Viewing Americana
Playing on the Wii

Teaching Fun
I have been on a search in the past few days for stories with repeating text that teach. Think of books like Green Eggs and Ham, the Ginger bread man, three little pigs, and so on.
Computer stories of classics seem to work because no one tries to run away with the monitor or tear the pages. I am getting a book list together.

They look like apples but they are soap

very nicely done

Full of Chear

love the glow to this

My sister took this photo and its a fave of mine

This is just so cute
Country Fairy Children T-shirt shirt
Country Fairy Children T-shirt by DizzyDebbie
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I love books


A real fairy? cool


Show who you are

A quote from Walt Whitman




  1. Wonderful picks for today's feature!! :) Hope you get caught up on your rest soon.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my NO MASK! magnet ;) Many blessings to you. Also, just a thought but I wanted to send you a message through zazzle to tell you how much I appreciate you featuring my work but there is no comment wall or no "Send Message" link. This could become a problem for you in the future because your customers will not be able to contact you if they want to make requests or ask you questions. Again, thank you for the feature. Btw, joined your fan club and will be looking forward to sharing some of your great designs on my FB page as well.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my Pegasus poster :) you have a beautiful selection here, feel uplifted just looking at them.

  4. welcome lacde9, Kristina :-) I enjoy letting people's art shine.

  5. what is your other work you do? On your zazzle store it says you only use that store for kawaii designs and forum posting. I would love to see your other store and share it with others.

  6. Kristina
    here are some of my stores.

    I use the alternate store when not directly advertising my products because I found google search was archiving my messages making it harder to find my art.