Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning, Free Advertisement Day for Zazzle Artists, Interview with GloryT.

Free Advertisement Day for Zazzle Artists

1. Put your zazzle Advertisement in the comments section of this post.
2. PG, G shops preferred.
3. It can be a shop url or a few pargraphs of why your store is so cool.

Learning fun
Education books I ordered were if you get a mouse a cookie and the very hungry caterpillar

My Christmas greeting business card

Interview with Imagination Express Art by GloryT.

My favorite vegetable is Brussel Sports- I know most people don't like them, but I love them with a little butter and Monterey Jack Cheese.

My artistic ability is a gift I was born with and I have always done art since I could hold a marking utinsel. I think God for this gift everyday.
I have never had any training in this field, and I draw and paint by moods so my art is mixed and I don't have a favorite medium. Sometimes I like to
do simple drawings and painting and other times I want to do more in depth painting.

I can not eat cupcakes because I am a diabetic and control it by diet, and I don't care for the substitutes I can have. I love to make cup cakes and decorate them.

I sold my first painting when I was 14 years old, A lady saw some of my paintings and wanted me to paint a picture of her daughter as a present for her husband.
I have done commissions for years, and I started offering my art on line at Zazzle in August of 2008. I like doing art this way because I get to keep my originals,
and can share my work with others.

The best thing about art is when it speaks to someone else, to hear someone else describe the way they see it.
(My Quote) " Art comes from the heart, it just flows from the finger tips."

Samples of her work chosen by AskaZombiehousewife

Fairy Nest card
Fairy Nest by gloryt
Shop for a different greeting card template online at zazzle


  1. Ciao!!

    I'm an illustrator and I have a few design up there for everyone who wants a fun & whimsical illustration. I started selling on Zazzle this year in October and I hope to continue this so more people can have a little piece of art by me! The theme is Christmas for now, but I will add a few fixed themes soon as well. I hope it brings a smile to your face!

    My Zazzle shop is at

    Thanks so much!!

  2. Just started on Zazzle. I am a web designer by profession, but have a ton of ideas "stuck in my head" so to speak. I have found that Zazzle is an excellent outlet for that. You can check out my store at

  3. hi, here is my store:

    thanks so much!

  4. Beautiful designs! I have a photography shop over at zazzle*

  5. I've got several zazzle shops but the one I'm focusing on right now is It's centered on trendy vector artwork. I've also done a bit of kawaii-themed work too.

  6. Hello! I'm a mom and freelance watercolor artist. My watercolor designs are varied. Themes include humorous, cute, patriotic and traditional and tropical. Many of my tropical paintings and cards include vibrant surfboards and the beach! If you'd like to check out my Christmas and Beach designs you can do so here:

  7. Hi everyone. My Genealogy and Reunion store is GenFam and my general store is BK Muir Graphic Products

  8. I'm an enthusiastic amateur/aspiring professional photographer with a passion for capturing attention grabbing images. My zazzle store is filled with customizable products where you provide the text and I provide the image(s), letting you craft an attractive and classy product for any occasion.

    My shop is Mike's Photographic Designs. Please feel free to leave feedback through my store or blog.

  9. I'm an Artist and love to paint and draw cartoons. I like to illustrate Children's Books. I'm new to Zazzle and I'm having a lot of fun. The feedback has been phenomenal! It really keeps me going!*
    My main web page is at

  10. I've got several stores, with something for everyone, including abstract art (, video game art (, Pirates (, Ninjas (, and general funny and clever stuff (

  11. hi pls consider my shops
    lol i have 21 stores in total but the above ones are my major niche :)
    thx for the opportunity<3

  12. Hi!

    My name is David Celis; I'm a graphic artist from Mexico City and my Zazzle shop is*

    You'll find lots funny designs based on American and Latino pop culture!

    Hit me up on Facebook, Twitter and Blogger too!

    Thanks for the opportunity!